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  1, amorphous 没有形状的without definite shape or form

  2, crisis 危机an unstable situation of extreme danger or diffi culty

  3, efface 擦掉;消除to erase, destroy

  4, fiasco 惨败an utter and often ridiculous failure

  5, imply 暗示to suggest

  6, melee 互殴a fight between a confused mass

  7, pinnacle 小尖塔; 顶点the highest point

  8, revert 恢复to come or go back

  9, solace 安慰comfort in grief, alleviation of grief and anxiety

  10, surreptitious 偷偷摸摸的stealthy, sneaky, secret

  11, aversion 厌恶;反感a strong dislike

  12, culpable 有罪的blameworthy

  13, ennui 厌倦;无聊boredom

  14, goad 刺激;用刺棒驱赶;to drive, urge on

  15, impudent 鲁莽的disrespectful

  16, naive 幼稚的innocent, simple, unsophisticated

  17, prolific 丰富的;多产的rapidly productive,

  18, ruse 策略a trick or strategy intended to deceive

  19, proxy 代理a person authorized to act for another noun

  20, taint 污染 contaminate, corrupt

  21, nefarious 违法的,邪恶的wicked

  22, purloin 偷窃steal

  23, satire 讽刺文a literary work used to convey insults or scorn

  24, sporadic 零星的;不定时的occurring occasionally

  25, trepidation 恐惧nervousness, anxiety

  26, twinge 刺痛,剧痛a sudden, sharp stab of pain

  27, wan 苍白的;无血色的suggesting poor health, lacking luster, faint

  28, wary 机警的cautious

  29, wistful 渴望的full of longing

  30, vagrant 流浪汉a homeless person who wanders from place to place

  31, abominable 令人讨厌的extremely repugnant or offensive

  32, condone 原谅to overlook, pardon or excuse

  33, emissary 密使an agent or representative sent out with a purpose

  34, idiosyncratic 特质的peculiar to an individual or group

  35, innate 天生的inborn, existing in one since birth

  36, ironic 讽刺的humorously sarcastic or mocking

  37, notorious 臭名昭著的well-known for bad reputation

  38, scull 小划艇;摇桨an oar to propel a boat;alight narrow racing boat

  39, stifle 窒息;镇压;抑止to choke or to repress

  40, dormant 休眠的temporarily inactive or not in use

  41, absolve 赦免;宣告…无罪to pardon; to clear, acquit

  42, benign 良性的;和蔼的,亲切的non-threatening, innocuous

  43, confound 使混淆to puzzle or confuse

  44, emulate 效法;模仿to try hard to equal or surpass someone by imitation

  45, illustrious 著名的,杰出的widely known and esteemed

  46, inscribe 雕刻:题写to write or engrave words or letters on a surface

  47, itinerant 巡回的traveling from place to place

  48, novice 新手a beginner

  49, sublime 崇高的;卓越的inspiring awe, heavenly

  50, kinetic 运动的moving

  51, abstinence 节制restraint from indulging

  52, barrage 弹幕a long continuous burst of gunfire

  53, congeal 凝结to become thick and solid

  54, egotist 自大者a conceited and self-centered person

  55, eradicate 根除to destroy something completely

  56, impasse 僵局a point at which no further progress can be made or

  57, insinuation 暗示something indirectly suggested to another person

  58, obdurate 固执的stubborn, persistent

  59, sage 明智的;圣人;贤人having great wisdom; somebody who is sage

  60, superfluous 多余的more than what is needed; not essential

  61, abyss 深渊a bottomless hole

  62, bewilder 使…不知所措to confuse or puzzle

  63, consensus 一致agreement

  64, dubious 怀疑的doubtful

  65, evanescent 容易消散的;短暂的disappearing after only a short time

  66, impediment 阻碍something that hinders progress

  67, integrity 完整;正直;诚实honesty; completeness

  68, jubilant 狂欢的,欢呼的full of high-spirited delight; joyful

  69, obsolescent 荒废的becoming obsolete

  70, surrogate 代替品someone or something taking the place of another

  71, accord 协议,调和a treaty or settlement

  72, brash 无礼的,傲慢的;性急的hasty or lacking in sensitivity

  73, contemptuous 轻视的expressing extreme contempt

  74, dread 恐惧a feeling of great fear or terror

  75, exasperate 使….恼怒to make very angry

  76, hue 颜色color

  77, interject 插话to say or insert between what is being said or discussed

  78, juxtapose 并列to place side by side

  79, oration 演说speech, lecture, discourse, prayer

  80, thrifty 节俭的frugal, economical

  81, adamant 坚硬的,坚定的very determined, steadfast

  82, brig 船上的禁闭室a part of ship that is used as a prison

  83, excavate 挖掘to dig

  84, hovel 小屋a small, dirty, or poorly built house

  85, interlude 中间曲;穿插;幕间节目a relatively short period of time between two longer periods

  86, keen 敏锐的,强烈的eager, sharp, or intense

  87, lackluster 无光泽的,平凡的 lacking luster or vitality

  88, ostentatious 炫耀的showy

  89, retrospect 回顾the remembering of past events

  90, toil 苦干to work long and hard

  91, adept 熟练的highly proficient or expert

  92, browbeat 吓唬to bully or intimidate

  93, contrition 痛悔;悔悟feelings of guilt and remorse

  94, disparage 蔑视;贬低to refer disapprovingly to somebody or something

  95, exquisite 精致的;高雅的very beautiful and delicate

  96, hoary 灰白的gray or white; ancient

  97, interpose 插入to insert between what is saying or doing

  98, laden 充满的carrying a heavy load or burdened mentally

  99, pact 契约an agreement

  100, tome 卷,册a large book, especially one made up of several volumes




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